A wargame designer defines our four possible civil wars.

“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

May her passing be a blessing.
Thugs on the Michigan legislature’s doorstep.

“We anticipate lawsuits, divergent media narratives, attempts to stop the counting of ballots, and protests drawing people from both sides. The potential for violent conflict is high, particularly since Trump encourages his supporters to take up arms.”

Expect Trump to have a very, very good election night.
Get this: South Carolina had no popular vote at all.

“We’re in times of war. We need to recognise that. We need to mobilize. We need to get ready. I’m talking to law enforcement, I’m talking to people. One of the things I saw in my dream I had related to our civil war was that militias would spring up like mushrooms. And it was God! These were good militias. What I also saw in my dream was the Lord had seeded our country with veterans from the Iraq War, Afghanistan, all these wars we’ve been in recently. Many who know how to fight in urban warfare are going to be a part of the leadership of these militias and help us in what’s about to unfold in our own country.”

The last time people tried to raise another flag over America.
The red area is where the killings happened. Also, everywhere else.

“I think a 6–3 court is worth the White House and Senate. The pro-life community has been waiting on this forever. There has to be a vote.”

This is the second Bloody Sunday, in 1972, but it could have been the first.
Things got very, very bad in Rwanda.



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